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XDR 2.0 – Scalable Security, Detection & Automated Remediation


Yet another hack, more damage, and more excuses

Cybersecurity products will never meet operational needs as they don’t provide the protection they promise and cause expensive disruptions to operations – even when not under attack.

Cyber-Industry XDR Is More of the Same

eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) is nothing new.  It simply packages the same old and ineffective cybersecurity applications under a shiny new interface, with the “Response” in XDR amounting to little more than “Reporting”.

Nothing new – just the same old, slow, manual attempts to fix attacks that occur at ever increasing rates.

Automated threat detection and remediation is the future of cybersecurity.

Human-powered cybersecurity cannot keep up. Highly potent modern threats target every connected device and are multiplying faster than any organization can keep up. And the stakes are growing higher every day.

Bear Systems XDR 2.0 – Foundational Security for an Automated Future

XDR 2.0 is not another cybersecurity application.

XDR 2.0 provides powerful protection and automated remediation responses that scale to eliminate threats across millions of devices at once.

Deep Device and Communications Protection with Scalable Remediation

XDR 2.0 provides deep communications and device protection and management that remains invisible to devices, networks, applications, and operations.

Cyber Disaster

The Impending
Cyber Disaster

The World Economic Forum states that over 90% of cyber experts expect a major catastrophic cyber event within 2 to 3 years – causing significant impacts to infrastructure and societies, and an end to the United States as we know it.

Learn why this is a looming existential threat



Proactive Protection

Proactive protection that stops exploits before any damage occurs

Automatic Remediation

Automatic remediation that removes cyber experts from operations

 Unified Protection

Unified protection that works everywhere enterprises operate

Visual Managment

Visual management platform that empowers true SaaS cyber capabilities

Intelligent Trust

Intelligent Trust that moves beyond Zero Trust and eliminates Zero Day attacks

Invisible Protection

Invisible protection that removes threats without disruption – even on the attacked device

The World Economic Forum predicts a cyber-pandemic that threatens the foundations of society, national security, and our fragile critical national infrastructure.

A new solution is required.

Contact us to learn how Bear Systems XDR 2.0 can help solve your most difficult challenges.