Scarecrows Are Not SecureScarecrows Are Not Good For Enterprises

This might come as a surprise to some but sticking a scarecrow in a field and hoping it will protect the field forever just does not work.  The crows get used to the scarecrow and, eventually, ignore it altogether – somehow overcoming this formidable security.  Chuckle if you want but this is exactly how enterprise security works today.  People buy some shiny new product, install it everywhere and then…do…well, nothing.

Modern security options are very much like scarecrows – rigid, cannot adapt and really is not well-suited to stopping the much smarter and more resilient hacker crows over time.

And that field?  Well if the field were to be equated to the enterprise then most of it would be draped under a thick veil so that nobody could see what was going on – a veil with tons of holes for the crows to fly into – but sufficient to represent the huge gaping black hole found in most enterprise systems.

The problem with security actually starts with a problem of visualization – if the people responsible for protection cannot see what they are protecting then how are they ever going to protect those systems?  If the tools they are provided do not really change all that much AND they are blind to what is going on, then what hope is there for protection?  Throw into the mix the fact that these systems scale well beyond the realistic means of manually fixing problems – which is all most operators have as an option – then it becomes apparent that only hacker ineptitude is keeping us safe.

And that is only until the good hackers focus on your enterprise.

This is where Bear Systems is focusing – on what we call Active System Visualization.  You system is active, constantly changing and so to should your security.  We are starting by building a visualization system that both secures and identifies all of the devices in your enterprise.  Once a basic, albeit far superior, level of protection is in place, Bear will work to make the visualization of your systems actionable at scale.  The goal is to enable highly visual representations of systems quickly and easily malleable by operators through central controls enforced at the endpoints.  Changing security will be drag and drop-oriented, turning devices on and off will be reduced to simple gestures on a screen and the ability to find bottlenecks, penetration attempts and enforce compliance will occur through intelligent workflows that correct issues automatically.

Not send you a text at 3 in the morning…

We are early into this effort but we feel properly seeing and controlling your system through a dynamic management system that can modify behavior without disrupting business is crucial for enterprises.  Security and enterprise management is failing today and we are entering the stage of massive growth, commonly called the Internet of Things (IoT) with no real solution in sight.

Until now – once we can take our core technology and build it into enterprise products – check back to see how we are doing!

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