consumers-can-stop-hackersWe The People

By now most people are familiar with the cyber-attack that happened a couple of Fridays ago.  The East Coast was pummeled, twice in one day, by IoT devices.  Massive attack, huge implications – clearly the domain of governments and Big Business.  Right?


First, the “massive numbers” of IoT devices were everyday consumer products – cameras, DVRs – and the number was small – right around 100,000 devices.  Second, this is a fight where the most powerful defender is…well…you

Yep – the consumer has the power to stop these attacks.

You do not need some degree in technology, you do not need to re-program your DVR – you simply need to change a password or two.  Even with that, you do not need to do more than call your Internet provider.

The trick underlying these attacks is the accessibility of your household items to hackers because of passwords you do not normally control.  Sure you might have set a password to access your home network but your Internet device (e.g. router) has a completely separate password.  Up until recently, the default was admin/admin.  Using that extremely simple fact, hackers can readily get into your network, access your DVR and cameras and then wreak havoc.  Change the password and block their access.

It really is that simple.

Best of all, your Internet provider really wants to fix this problem and, while you might complain about other things, customer service to this end is very useful.  If you want to fight this cyber-onslaught, just call your Internet provider, ask them to help you set your passwords for your router and, perhaps, home network, and that is it.

You just fought back more effectively than anybody in the government or Big Business.

Now get your friends and family to do the same.