An Evolution For Bear

For the past 7 years, Bear has been focused on one thing – leveraging intelligent machines to move security chaos out of the enterprise.  This effort culminated in our Visual Device Management (VDM) platform that enables complete security control over devices with no impact to the protected enterprise systems or applications.  That VDM solution extends a new communications platform that allows for a security ecosystem to wage war through proactive secure services, reduces enterprise concerns to safe systems and, finally, resolves the massive issues overwhelming cybersecurity today.

We thought we had achieved the ultimate goal for Bear…but we were only halfway there.

In the manufacturing world, there exists an extremely large movement that focuses on optimizing processes on a manufacturing floor.  This process, called Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) looks from the top down and attempts to streamline human/device interactions.  While the efficacy of these solutions is beyond the scope of this post, the concept is foundational to the Bear Virtual Execution System.

Optimization From The Ground Up

There are innumerable efforts underway globally to figure out how to make assets – from factories to buildings to oil rigs – run more efficiently, for longer,  and with less energy.  Collectively these approaches use the traditional MES model – look down from the top and attempt to layer some sort of automation routines to make things more efficient.

At Bear, we think this approach is doomed to failure and we back that up with the inability, despite over a decade of effort, of these approaches to make any meaningful improvements.

Instead, we feel that optimization needs to occur at the level of each intelligent machine and that each successive layer (Device => Subsystem => Asset => Asset Portfolio) treats the lower level components as discrete intelligent machines.  Thus, at the level of a factory, each subsystem would be an intelligent machine; at the level of a portfolio, each oil rig would be an intelligent machine.

Within each machine, Bear provides numerous optimization techniques layered with machine-level workflows, configuration control and, of course, next generation security.  With each intelligent machine completely optimized, the higher levels can then manage lower level machine interactions and provide cross-machine optimizations…and thus provide another level of fully optimized, protected intelligent machines to the layer above it.

By providing deep security, configuration control, and optimization from the foundation of smart devices up through portfolios of assets, Bear has evolved into a robust, secure optimization solution that has the potential to provide significant increases in asset profitability across industries.  We call a given solution a Virtual Execution System (VES) and we believe that VES solutions are the future.

What do you think?