Oh No!  Not..err…Again…

Did you hear about the “news” that a major Chinese manufacturer has been placing backdoors in all of their IoT devices?

Were you remotely surprised?  If you were surprised was that only one manufacturer (so far) was implicated?

The reality is that there are most likely backdoors in the majority of devices on the market today – even major encryption algorithms probably have backdoors in them.

The question is not whether or not your devices have a backdoor but what you can do to protect yourself.  Prior to Bear, the answer was “not much”.  A backdoor, by definition, is root/super administrator access to a device and that access overrides any protection found in the operating system of that device.

But what if your protection started outside of the operating system?

Bear can actually stop backdoor attacks by keeping hacker attempts from ever reaching your operating system.  We manage information outside of an OS at the level of individual packets and you can create rules that lock down from where packets can originate.  These rules can effectively stop intruders in their tracks, upfront and in real time.  No access means no backdoor and that means truly safe devices.

We are not attempting to trivialize this issue, it is very serious and much more widespread than you can imagine, we are just sitting in the ideal position to mitigate these attacks – along with innumerable others – through efficient and effective control.

If you are interested in learning more, please let us know!