You Made It…Right?

You are the top dog, you made it to the Big Time, finally a leader who has been recognized – a true Executive… So why is all of your money being taken away?  What do you mean some techno goobers Way Down from you are the reason you just lost your awesome bonus?!? Just ask Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, how much cyberattacks can cost you. The reality is that 1 in 20 Fortune 1000 companies had major breaches recently and investors are tired of it.  These investors realize that the only way to effect change is to cause pain at the very highest level.

But What To Do?

It is not as if you are sitting around not doing anything.  It is just that nothing EVER WORKS.  You bring in some new, seemingly impenetrable security product and it fails almost as soon as you get it installed. The problem, you see, is that you installed a PRODUCT. The reality is that products are really just collections as tried-and-true routines that everybody agrees should always work the same way.  When you type the letter B, you do not want to have to worry about how to draw each pixel.  When you type the word Bear, you expect it to be properly spaced and your sentences to come out properly formatted.  These are vetted routines, static by nature and, with some simple rules on top, you have a product such as MS Word. The problem for security is that NOTHING IS STATIC.  Cybersecurity is constant warfare, rapidly fluctuating circumstances and fluid by nature. So why would you EVER buy a product for cybersecurity?!? You really want proactive services, ideally running in a way that FINALLY stops interfering with your main business operations.  What you really REALLY want are safe systems without worrying about the how or why they are safe.  It would be GREAT to have that safety guaranteed… Right? Or do you want to keep missing out on those bonuses?