IQ + Homes = Hacker Heaven

In a shocking (not really) discovery, researchers discovered a major exploit that impacts LG smart dishwashers.  Using this massive security hole, hackers can readily break into these dishwashers and…err…see your dirty dishes?

Or, more in tune with our hacked reality, they can use these smart appliances to gain entry inside your home network and then jump right into your computer and access everything you own.  Perhaps check out your online bank accounts, or access those naughty pictures you don’t want your kids or neighbors to see or…shut down the entire NW power grid.


I have a great story for you.  A hacker got on a plane from LA to NY, was bored and opened his laptop during the flight and quickly accessed another passenger’s laptop through the open network.  That passenger had a “smart” home security system which was active on his laptop.  The hacker used that massive open hole to go through the passenger’s laptop and into that person’s home network.  The hacker then followed the open home network to the passenger’s desktop computer and found out that the desktop had a control system for the NW power grid.  Had this hacker desired, he could have shut down the entire NW power grid – all inside of 20 minutes while on a flight to New York.

And if you think dishwashers and security systems are the only holes in your smart home world, you are nuts.

There is actually an EASY fix here.  When you connect to your home network, set the network as open/public which means it is untrusted.  For the most part, this designation has little to no impact on you and it will block most of these types of intrusions.

If your computers are properly protected then perhaps the dishes don’t get cleaned properly but that is better than what can happen today!