It Starts Out Good…

A new report from the NSA discusses how more and more sophisticated attacks are ramping up and how more nations and large entities are amassing resources against our online world.  This is all true, if not understated, and the focus on the fulltime nature of hacking, massive sponsorship of these efforts and the immense impacts in warfare and financial costs cannot be exaggerated.

The report is also correct in that the most effective tricks are human-centric.  Social engineering, phishing attacks – anything to get you to download malware (here is our blog to help protect you to some degree).  Until people get smarter, according to the sentiment of the article, nobody will be safe.

…But It Goes Sideways Quick

This is where our issues start – blaming people who are not experts in security for not protecting themselves from full-time professional hackers.  Sure some tips and tricks, like in our blog post above, can help, but, really, it is your fault for these hacks?!?

The larger issue here is that the report says that we need “better monitoring solutions” – WRONG.  We need better security – proactive, adaptive services that DO SOMETHING and not just watch things go downhill.

Would you rather have a heroic person leap to your rescue during a robbery or a rent-a-cop pointing and weakly saying “you are being robbed!”?

We are tired of reports like this one perpetuating the same tired, clearly useless, security model.  That model of getting in the way of business, halfway finding issues on occasion and doing nothing…well…does NOTHING.

Let’s move into transparent security solutions that proactively search and destroy attackers, isolate malware and actually protect our digital lives instead of just getting in the way.

Isn’t it time for something that works?!?