This Is Why Sales Stink

As IoT companies continue to innovate and dazzle techies with unbelievable new features, one thing is not evolving – sales.

The problem is that consumers are deathly afraid of losing what little privacy they have left. With local news and the FTC warning everybody about privacy, this is a challenge that is growing.  IoT providers simply cannot add more and more features and hope people will just forget about their rights to protection.  At the same time, the public confidence in these companies has eroded after years and hackers running amok.

What is needed is an independent group of security experts that provide a privacy service for consumers through these new connected devices.  Making the consumers the customers creates an independent, powerful, enforcement tool which is not beholden to corporate controllers.  The customer is in charge, determines what to share and with whom and connected devices will have to comply or never get purchased.

This is the path forward, the way that the IoT potential can finally be realized.