Related imageWhere’s The Money?

As a startup with exciting new ideas and approaches, all that separates small businesses from massive success is the right kind of funding.  The right kind of funding is the kind that does not strip away ownership, force short-sightedness on visionary efforts, nor is a company forced to overperform under unrealistically tight timeframes. Sounds great, right? Where does this type of funding exist?

The Government

I know, I know.  Silicon Valley, New York City – perhaps Austin, Boulder or some other “new” Silicon Valley city – are the places people think about.  The problem is that all of these options are filled with jaded investors that require too much for too little or they quickly become Bad Money. At the same time, however, the federal government has realized that its highly inefficient acquisition strategies of the past are failing.  So, believe it or not, the government changed everything and the Air Force is leading the way. Introducing the SBIR/STTR program – Behind this standard looking page is the most massive change in Federal funding that I have ever witnessed.  The government will fund you to find interest for your product, then fund you to work with end users to design a product that fits in with your end users.  Then the government will fund the build out of your product and help you sell into the government. All without taking anything from your company. In fact, the people involved are genuinely engaged and focused on making you a success.  They will help you figure out how to run your company in the federal space, find your end users – everything.  It is akin to hiring a complete federal sales, marketing and product group but without the cost, equity incursion or any other headaches. If you are a startup, check the portal out, reach out to AFWERX ( – they really are a difference maker and they want to help you.  They are interested in everything and can help no matter what your company produces.