Bear Systems is building on its next generation cybersecurity platform to provide a range of SIMPLE (Secure Integrated ML Platform Leveraging Endpoints) solutions for the world’s most pressing needs.  This blog entry is one of a series of introductions showing how Bear can provide a SIMPLE solution for specific vertical challenges. 5G is focused on unifying every system that connects to a network into massive shared management platform.  If achieved, everything from our smart homes to smartphones to transportation, electric grids – everything – will be connected, optimized, and faster… The challenges are daunting, and the reality is that most of the technology required to achieve these goals has yet to be developed.  That exciting 5G phone you just purchased will not be running true 5G for a decade or more and will, instead, be running slightly faster versions of 4G in the foreseeable future. Many of the challenges are focused on all of the people interested in controlling individual devices – local government, providers, manufacturers and, hopefully, you.  You should want the right to privacy, and you should be demanding that control without sacrificing functionality.  This concept of multiple controls is just not something anybody has considered for specific devices and clearly not something that has been thought through at the scale of 5G. Further challenges are focused on how to quickly provision core resources to ensure that businesses and consumers has the best speed and services at all times.  Even the ability to manage all of these systems at scale has not really been addressed.  The reality is that we are going to need machine learning and AI to handle the scale as humans just cannot process that much data that quickly.  Finally, there is no realistic option on the market that can protect all of 5G in a unified manner and no set of options comes even close. Clearly there are challenges, but Bear has a SIMPLE solution that addresses all of these challenges.  Within SIMPLE 5G, policies control the world – policies that are blockchain delivered over quantum resilient lines of encrypted data for those technical folks – and those policies empower what we call Profiles.  Profiles are the applications, data, and rules controlling each that encapsulate a given interested party on each device.  Profiles enable all groups to control what they need while ensuring consumers finally achieve their privacy and control. Profiles also enable SIPLE 5G to quickly and automatically allocate resources on the fly through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tasks.  RPA is a new effort to provide useful automation at scale to help humans manage these massive systems.  SIMPLE 5G provides a highly scalable architecture that enable distributed deep learning models and enables the essential machine learning/AI to make RPA successful. For us, cybersecurity is of the upmost importance and we are providing a unified cybersecurity solution that works over every network, across all 5G devices (including towers), and proactive protects without disruption.  SIMPLE 5G can be added without causing issues and runs in a manner that is invisible to applications and users. There is obviously more, much more, to our SIMPLE 5G solution and, if you are interested, please contact us to learn more!