SIMPLE Casinos

Bear Systems is building on its next generation cybersecurity platform to provide a range of SIMPLE (Secure Integrated ML Platform Leveraging Expertise) solutions for the world’s most pressing needs.  This blog entry is one of a series of introductions showing how Bear can provide a SIMPLE solution for specific vertical challenges.

Did you know that one of the largest users of highly secure data are casinos?  Most casinos are run by multi-national corporations with sunset operations that run 24/7/365 across a number of massive data centers.  The data being processed in these systems it literally worth billions of dollars and often falls under a number of complex geopolitical rules and regulations.

As with many other verticals, casinos want to move to the cloud in order to defray ownership costs associated with running data centers.  Unfortunately, right now, private cloud options are not realizing the cost savings that casinos desire and the overall lack of security has prevented any largescale migrations.

Compounding these challenges, secure operation centers (SOCs) are being overwhelmed with alerts and potential threats and the inability to automate lower level tasks is causing artificial cybersecurity expert shortages.

At the same time, casinos are focused on providing the best possible experiences and the fastest real-time gambling exchange rates for new equipment.  This focus translates into a larger number of IoT devices, more sophisticated systems controls, and more cybersecurity holes.  A couple of years ago, a major casino lost millions of dollars after being breached by a smart sensor in a fish tank!

SIMPLE Casino provides a new type of protection that enables better-than-private cloud security even when deployed in a public cloud infrastructure.  With SIMPLE Casino, operators can finally leverage to true scale and cost efficiencies of a public cloud with complete, proactive protection for each device and every transaction.  Along these lines, SIMPLE Casino locks down everything from the latest gambling machine to a smart sensor and creates a Virtual Private Enterprise that locks down all physical and virtual casino assets.

SIMPLE Casino further provides Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tasks that enable SOCs to automate remediation at scale.  These same tasks can be used to provide zero downtime maintenance capabilities as well as sophisticates, machine learning-based, transaction rule processing at the edge.  With SIMPLE Casino, a given location can be optimized at the point of individual machines and at the scale of multi-national operations.

SIMPLE Casino provides advanced compliance capabilities that reduces the overhead of managing ever-changing regulations into automated policies run on each device.  There is obviously more, much more, to our SIMPLE Casino solution and, if you are interested, please contact us to learn more!