SIMPLE Education

Bear Systems is building on its next generation cybersecurity platform to provide a range of SIMPLE (Secure Integrated ML Platform Leveraging Expertise) solutions for the world’s most pressing needs.  This blog entry is one of a series of introductions showing how Bear can provide a SIMPLE solution for specific vertical challenges.

A couple of years ago, my son came to me and showed me his school-issued iPad.  On the iPad was an adult-themed pop up ad which was clearly malware.  To be clear, in 4th grade, my son’s iPad was locked down to school-approved websites only.  I reached out to the school and they denied any issue…

Then other kids’ parents started complaining about the same issue…and then the teachers…

To this date, nobody knows if those issues were resolved despite the relatively closed system.  Now, with Covid, learning has moved online and, if you are like me, not only is security a joke but so to is the lack of any real learning.  In my case, my son went from 6 hours of classroom time per day, 30 hours a week, to 2.5 hours a day, three days a week for an awesome total of 7.5 hours.  The rationale provided is that teachers need more time to prepare…which sounds insincere to me, but I have no clear idea if that is true.

What I do now if that, even if school were running as normal, our Educational system is a nightmare.  We are constantly falling behind the rest of the world and our, once dominant, edge in educated leaders has become a massive disadvantage.

SIMPLE Education aims to overcome these issues through the use of encapsulated domain expertise that can be reused at scale.  The goal of SIMPLE Education is to normalize public education across the nation based of the best and most successful options available.  Instead of teachers having to manually re-create lessons in a redundant manner, SIMPLE CU will provide innovative lesson plans, instructional videos, and coursework vetted by the top educators and distributed through the incredibly secure SIMPLE Education platform.

SIMPLE Education is not yet another online learning platform effort with some goal of eliminating schools and/or teachers.  Instead, SIMPLE Education wants to engage the federal government and provide a ubiquitous solution that lowers the training standards to move rapidly provide educators to our children.  SIMPLE Education can visually encapsulate any type of domain expertise which will often extend past teaching a given lesson.  For example, there are educators that truly understand how to teach hostile children, children from bad families, and truly gifted individuals.  SIMPLE Education is attempting to build a truly innovative platform that not only provides what to teach but, more importantly, how to present that material.

For me, I really want our country to move beyond archaic rote memorization of facts that no adult remembers and move into truly useful experiential options.  Is that he right path?  I have no idea as I am just a parent and not an expert.  That is what SIMPLE Education is so focused on the government running this platform through a collection of educational leaders.  These people know the best options, can determine the most viable paths and, through SIMPLE Education, obtain real feedback from schools, teachers, and students.  SIMPLE Education is based on the bidirectional exchange of information to dynamically grow and enable our country to regain its lost edge.

There is obviously more, much more, to our SIMPLE Education solution and, if you are interested, please contact us to learn more!