Bear Systems is building on its next generation cybersecurity platform to provide a range of SIMPLE (Secure Integrated ML Platform Leveraging Expertise) solutions for the world’s most pressing needs.  This blog entry is one of a series of introductions showing how Bear can provide a SIMPLE solution for specific vertical challenges.

If you read any of the innumerable policy papers from any government organization these days, you will inevitably read about collaboration amongst offices/groups/organizations/etc…  While the outcome of these statements makes such statements appear to be lip service, the reality is that an increasingly large number of people really do want to enable this type of communication.

And yet the U.S. government, at least, is a massive behemoth with metric tons of regulations, compliance rules, and more bureaucracy than people.  How can such a complex series of complex systems ever have any hope of every working in a streamlined manner.

Interestingly, the same challenges facing the government can be used for its salvation.

At the end of the day, every rule and regulation is indoctrinated in policy and almost every functioning group has a direct or indirect domain expert that understands these policies.  SIMPLE GOV is designed to embrace this expertise and translate these currently manual/isolated policies into virtual, autonomous, gears that drive a sleek new government machine.  Instead of worrying about the entire breadth of the government, SIMPLE GOV focuses on each unit of organization and how each interacts with current and potential collaborative partners.  This modular approach is then hierarchically moved up the chain to drive interactions of larger units of organization based on Deep Learning rules and expert guidance that collapses the lower level rules together.

This approach allows each group to both enforce their rules and, finally, open up new communication pathways.  Higher level groups will be able to obtain much-needed cross organizational insights and work together.  With SIMPLE GOV, governments are able to achieve the levels of integration and resource sharing that is not much more than a dream today.

There is obviously more, much more, to our SIMPLE GOV solution and, if you are interested, please contact us to learn more!