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SIMPLE is a futureproof, pluggable, platform that can proactively adapt and change to overcome any attack. SIMPLE is able to use any sort of existing software or hardware or options that have yet to be built. SIMPLE enables autonomous, independently running, systems of devices that are completely protected even when disconnected.

For our customers, Bear provides a powerful ability to remove cybersecurity experts out of operations and return control to their trusted admins. From there, customers are able to either use Bear’s team of cybersecurity experts or leverage their own team, at scale, to solve a problem one time and then never worry about that issue again.

For our partners, SIMPLE provides an intuitive, interactive, visual management platform that can instantly change your offering from an MSP (Managed Service Provider) to an MSSP (Managed Secure Service Provider) without having to hire scarce and incredibly expensive cybersecurity expertise. Through SIMPLE automation, a small core group of experts provided by Bear, can solve a massive range of exploits in a manner that does not disrupt normal operations – even on the impacted device.

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