Shouldn't Doctors Worry About Patients...

And Not The Security Of Their Devices?

Security Issues

From the rapidly increasing number of medical device attacks that are exposing manufacturers to liability claims to the growing reality that regulations are around the corner, security can no longer be ignored.

The problem is not as simple, however, as picking some security product and installing it.  Most options are a one shot hope that things go right.  Almost none can adapt and change and picking wrong might be worse than doing nothing at all.

Worse of all, security, until now, have come with major implications – massive code revisions, HIPAA issues and even expensive hardware changes.  Not ideal for companies trying to make margins while ensuring the best possible product.

Bear Provides A Better Way

Bear works across every type of communication protocols and was built to thrive within, and manage, embedded systems.  Bear is an incredibly flexible full stack solution that can adapt to any security needs or regulations at any time.  Using Bear now not only provides the best possible protection with the least resources, using Bear also secures the future and prevents expensive recalls.  In fact, Bear’s unique embedded blockchain system can be used to securely manage firmware from one central location.

Best of all, Bear is not intrusive.  Bear is invisible to applications and systems and Bear runs out-of-band which means it protects data it does not need to see – a huge implication for HIPAA concerns.

Made For Manufacturers

Unlike other security that needs to be modified, or even rebuilt from scratch, Bear provides a unique thin client shim that is meant for provisioning devices.  It is the Bear provisioning system, in fact, that allows for global firmware control even through other customer portals.

This shim is small and inert by default.  Any authorized party – from the manufacturer to the customer – can activate the thin client at any time and obtain the latest version of Bear.  Customers can customize the client to fit their needs while the manufacturer can still ensure control over critical components.

Bear provides everything from a painless check on the security box to an exciting new stream of revenue through its Security as a Service platform.

If you would like to discuss how Bear can help your company, please contact us today!