About Bear Systems

Our mission is to move security out of sight, out of mind and make our online world truly secure.

What Is Wrong With Security?  Security is in the wrong place – it is in applications and networks, it is the developers’ problem, the system admin’s issue, XYZ’s nightmare.  At the same time, it is being attacked by people with a singular focus, no distractions, and one objective.  Security needs to move and adapt in real time, monitored by experts and not disrupting the systems it is meant to protect.  To do that, security has to move out of the enterprise.

“If the inventors of the Internet had been a little less trusting, there would not be security issues today.”

– Ken Tola, CEO Bear Systems

Who Is Bear?

People are not expected to break their emails into tiny packets, ship those packets over the Internet and reconstruct the email on the other side – the people who invented the Internet took care of that issue.  Yet those same people are now being asked to protect those packets.

That just does not make sense.

Bear is focused on moving security to a level below systems and applications and make protection as ubiquitous as communications.  Security needs to churn and fight its ongoing war without distracting or interfering with businesses or people’s lives.  Up until now, that has just not been possible but – after 7 years and multiple patents – Bear has figured out a new path forward.

On The Precipice

Bear is just now coming out of the depths of its R&D efforts and we are about to launch our product into the market.  Visual control over embedded systems to cloud servers; truly secure devices and communications without interference or “modernization” efforts; and proactive security services without disruption.

We are excited to bring our ideas and technology into a world that increasingly needs actual solutions to the ever-growing threat of cyber-criminal activities.