End-to-End AI Security Platform

Automated anomaly and threat detection, remediation and device management scales with your operations and instantly adapts to new threats

5G, IoT, AI, Cloud Computing, Kubernetes, SDN, Virtualization …
Now is the time for an AI-driven security architecture

Bear’s End-to-end AI Protects Dynamic and Constantly Changing Enterprise Conditions

With the explosion of connected sensors and devices across the enterprise, each device represents a potential bad-actor attack vector – and in today’s dynamic environments consumer devices constantly move between access points.  Dynamic AI-driven security is the only way to effectively manage threats in constantly changing environments.

Automated AI-driven Threat Detection and Remediation

Device threat detection and remediation predicts and closes security gaps quickly

AI-Driven Device Security Management

Bear is the only security system that offers true End-to-End AI-Driven protection – at the level of each endpoint


Bear’s AI learns from admins to simulate complex human interactions at the level of each endpoint, and at the scale of a 5G system

Reduced Anomaly

Data cleansing and normalization at collection points removes noise, resulting in superior anomaly detection

Securely Virtualize Network Functions and Applications

Our AI-driven threat protection with device remediation secures today’s dynamic infrastructure even as software defined networks, virtualized hardware and containerized applications come in and out of existence on demand.

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