Bear Systems

Bear Systems provides 3 essential products to enable direct control over the configuration and security of your target endpoint devices.


It’s hard to take a Formosan bear by surprise.  It’s smart, alert, with keen senses.  Our Formosan cloud application suite is where configuration control and workflow automation help you respond rapidly to incoming threats. The Formosan Bear Suite forms the intelligence core of the Bear platform.

Bear Clients

Bear leverages a small piece of software sitting directly above a network card on every device.  This software obtains key metrics for system visualization and enforcement of configuration and security policies.


Small, agile Koalas can literally eat things that would kill most animals. Our Koala endpoint client has a tiny footprint allowing it to unobtrusively reside on lightweight, battery-powered sensors.  Koala can even sit on the smallest devices that do not support operating systems.  Koala assures the identity and integrity of your most vulnerable data sources.


Kodiaks are some of the most powerful bears in the world.  They stand their ground against even the fiercest attackers.  Kodiak is our high-end client for devices using a range of operating systems.  Kodiak can handle complex data gathering and analytic/edge computing needs.  The Kodiak client handles high throughput requirements found in financial and cloud environments.