If Credit Cards Are Secure

Shouldn't This Picture Give You Peace Of Mind?

Credit Card Realities

Credit card companies spend a fortune on better security in their processing centers and yet online theft is only increasing.  While a credit card purchase should be safe, Point of Sales (PoS) units, corporate infiltration and other cyber-crimes are rapidly overcoming the best efforts of these companies.

What if there was a way to close these holes and evolve cards past their current restrictions?

What if you could have a VPN that securely connects each card to its processor and does so in a way that is completely invisible to the outside world?

Bear Provides Secure Access

Bear was built to run on embedded systems such as the chips found on newer credit cards.  Bear’s security is completely invisible to Point of Sale (PoS) units and Bear enables the comprehensive management of a credit card during any given transaction.  Bear extends past simple protection found in most VPN solutions and leverages its own full stack security solution that provides a unique ability to update core credit card features, such as card numbers and pins, at any time.

Dynamic Power Houses

With Bear, credit card companies can move beyond their current physical limitations.  In fact, Bear enables localized workflows that can provide powerful features such as upfront dynamic PIN generation for each physical purchase.  Card companies can manage and update on-card information at any time thus eliminating expiration dates and shipping new cards.

Bear closes the loop by invisibly cutting PoS units out of the communication loop while still enabling those devices to act as they do today.  Bear transform static cards into powerful dynamic state machines that make theft incredibly difficult, if not completely useless.

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