Mobile Devices Are Mission Critical Assets

Isn't It Time To Secure Them As Such

Mobile Is More Than Apps

New smartphones, tablets, and consumer products are extending enterprise boundaries and opportunities at a staggering pace.  New devices attempt to compete in every possible manner and yet they are ignoring critical elements that threaten their very existence.

Companies require the best possible security throughout their enterprise and they need their mobile devices to support new levels of protection well beyond what is available today.  At the same time, options such as containerism and restrictive, high-priced one-off phones are not the answer.  Security is paramount but providing users freedom and not impacting applications is also critical.

Providing truly effective protection while still enabling battery life and user freedom will be the key to winning the mobile enterprise battle.

But don’t take our word for it – just wait for the biggest producer on the block to prove it to you within the next 18 months…

Why Not Leapfrog The Competition

Mobile device competition has historically been all about catching up to the leader, falling behind and playing catch-up again.

But not this time.

While the biggest security release to date is set to annihilate the unprepared, Bear can help competitors to not only catch up but leapfrog far ahead.

With the impending release of a new generation of security chips, these new devices will deploy full stack security, incredibly fast encryption and yet still remain lightweight on batteries and not interfere with applications.

This might sound amazing but it also comes with plenty of issues – issues that Bear overcomes.

Beyond The Chip

Security chips provide extremely fast, secure protection but they are static.  This static nature results in slow responsiveness to new attacks and it forces everybody to adapt to that phone’s security.

Bear can provide the same level of encryption speed but Bear works off of policies which make its protection incredibly malleable.  Bear can readily adapt to new attacks, change out encryption options and provide a complete stack of security that adjusts to fit into customer needs.  Bear is invisible to applications and systems and Bear runs over any type of network while seamlessly integrating with, and even enhancing, main enterprise security systems.

With Bear, competitors can quickly roll out a superior security system that uses the best possible options today and the best ones available years from now.

If you would like to discuss how Bear can help your company, please contact us today!