Bear Security

Proactive Device Protection Service

The Connected Device Security Problem

Enterprises have expanded from server and desktops into a massive ecosystem of smart printers, routers, cameras and IoT devices. Existing security for this new generation of connected devices is disjointed, ineffective, static, complex and unable to scale to the level of these massive new systems. In addition, most security is limited to encryption, which is unable to provide the full stack of protection required by these increasing intelligent devices.

Not only lack of central management, but no concept of management

Security is tightly coupled with applications, so changes cannot be made without disruption

Multiple types of communication, so different security must be used for each (enterprise is relatively simple, because it’s all Ethernet)

Current options for security (repurposed from enterprise) are too resource intensive — architected to “call home” to do everything

Reporting without capability to respond (existing tools depend on an ecosystem to support response; new systems do not have this)

Static systems can’t update security, respond to attacks or adapt to changing requirements

The Bear Solution

Unified, full-cycle communications security solution for connected devices that is invisible to apps and systems. Bear’s key features include:

Centrally managed and distributed enforcement model

Bear is invisible and independent of apps and systems

Visual device management (see a problem fix a problem). Visualizing problems reduces complexity and allows organizations to utilize existing resources

Unified – works across all types of communications

for connected devices

Enables dynamic updates of embedded systems without changing firmware

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