Bear Solutions

From IoT Sensors to Cloud Servers

Bear’s security works across numerous types of devices and many different verticals.  The use cases below show how Bear can be applied.

Mobile Manufacturers

From phones to appliances to tablets, mobile device manufacturers are feeling more pressure than ever before to provide safe, private devices.  At the same time, manufacturers have to balance battery and user disruption against superior protection.

Chip Providers

From Intel and AMD to Qualcomm and Broadcom, the importance of secure chips in the IoT is critical to the success of this exploding space.  These chips provide incredibly advanced features and Bear is perfectly positioned to extend those capabilities to realize the true power of these providers.

Health Device Makers

Creating a device in healthcare comes with an increasing risk in terms of cybersecurity as more and more flaws are found.  With lifecycles extending over 7 years and exploits being found daily, the reality of incredibly costly recalls is a burden more and more makers are facing.  Bear provides a path forward that avoids these costly recalls and enables whatever security or regulations are required even after devices are in the field.