Current Focus

While the Bear Visualization Platform can be applied to a very large number of industries, research has indicated that the following sectors are in the most need.

Oil and Gas

Bear can find the almost 1.5TB of lost daily information

Oil and Gas Exploration, Drilling, Extraction, and Refining

To bring oil and gas products to market there is a need to securely and efficiently manage sensor, analytic, and control systems data.  Oil companies have used sophisticated networked equipment to do the geological survey work to discover new oil and gas deposits for decades.  Networked sensors and computational analytics make it possible to efficiently explore remote locations.  Once drilling has begun, pressure, temperature, and vibration are closely monitored.  With the wellhead in place, pressure, temperature, vibration and flow rates become important metrics for management of safe and efficient extraction and refining.   The companies doing this work must manage their systems safely, efficiently, and securely across a variety of wired and wireless networks.


Bear optimizes capital asset management and bridges wearables into HIPAA systems.


Hospitals are facing significant challenges when it comes to their medical device capital assets. Just keeping track and finding these devices can be challenging. On top of discovery, HIPAA and UID challenges are becoming more costly issues as is the inability to manage all of these medical devices at scale. For hospitals, the concept of spending money on redundant/unreliable medical devices instead of better facilities and staff in undermining their ability to compete.

For the exploding wearables market, being able to supply hospitals and clinics with patient information is a huge goal. Unfortunately, the bar to obtaining HIPAA compliance is too costly for these wearables efforts. For wearables, Bear is creating a HIPAA bridge that will enable a HIPAA-compliant data stream from a non-compliant device.

Data Analytics

Bear connects platforms to the furthest endpoints of an enterprise

Data Analytics

Data analytics is the science of examining raw data with the purpose of drawing conclusions about that information. Data analytics allow companies and organizations to make better business decisions and in the sciences to verify or disprove existing models or theories.  Rapid proliferation of networked sensors is fueling data analytics solutions providing uncommon insight into what’s happening in IoT systems, demanding better handling of sensitive data sources.