Bear Device Security

A full security stack on every device. 
Lightweight, fast, powerful, flexible and AI-enabled

Control your systems’ device and communications security in any physical or virtual environment

Comprehensive device security enables Bear’s AI-driven cybersecurity

A complete device security stack protects Individual devices – connected sensors and connected devices, both physical and virtual, including the cloud, and containerized applications across large systems including 5G, IIoT, IoT, and SCADA.  


Complete device security across physical and virtualized devices, including Kubernetes, connected sensors, and device endpoints

Secure Encrypted Device Communications

Secure data communications: physical hardware; cloud deployments, Kubernetes and virtualization efforts; device endpoints; connected sensors

Secures & Authenticates Device Identity

No Certificates. Lightweight P2P distributed blockchain authentication originally designed for low-energy IoT devices and low overhead

Simplify cybersecurity and enable AI-driven device management.

Bear simplifies complex cybersecurity operations for non-security personnel. Encapsulated cybersecurity enables IT/Operations to apply complex enterprise security workflows across individual devices or groups of devices, across the entire enterprise.

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