Dynamic Security

to Protect Connected Devices

Bear Protects Your Devices

Your enterprise consists of more devices now than ever before and those devices extend far beyond traditional enterprise servers and desktops.  Bear is the only company that actually protects all of these devices, and their conversations, and truly secures your enterprise.  While others focus on protecting the environment devices care little about or the far away hubs that devices may or may not use, Bear places incredible intelligence and proactive security services at the real points of attack and we do so in a manner that is invisible to your applications and systems and causes no unwanted business disruptions.

Bear Security Is Comprehensive

Bear provides the first ever virtual security kernel that proactively protects connected devices at scale across any type of communication at every level. Bear adapts in real time without impacting applications or systems. Bear manages all types of devices and communications from a central, distributed administration platform. Its full-stack implementation includes:

Dynamic Device



Device Blockchain
Configuration Control

Continuously Rotating
Communications Protection

Proactive, Adaptive
Security Services

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