Software-Defined Network Security (SDSec)

Software-Defined Network Security (SDSec)

Software-defined networks (SDNs) are, at their core, virtualization software which enables virtual networks on the same set of physical devices.  These SDNs accomplish this task by manipulating individual packets of data in order to mask the virtual network(s) from the physical network underneath.

Like many other non-security-focused products, SDNs have inherent flaws that may expose them to a large number of attacks.  The challenge to date has been a complete inability of security vendors to overcome the packet-level manipulation restriction.  Redirection efforts, such as CASB and WAF, fail due to the inconvenience and inability to redirect large, and often highly dynamic, network loads.  Other, traditional, security options – such as SSL/TLS – cannot handle virtual and physical packet variability – much less protect across those boundaries.

Bear Differentiator

Bear is able to provide a hierarchical series of policies through its sophisticated workflow engine-based agents that can handle multiple parties at the same time.  Bear also effortlessly crosses the virtual and physical boundaries and can extend coverage accordingly.  Finally, Bear provides instance-based agents for each device (virtual or physical) and can readily scale up or down as required.

Bear works at the very lowest level of communication and this ability enables packet-level protection that spans the virtual and physical barriers.  Leveraging this low-level security, Bear device agents can enforce communication rules as dynamically as the networks being deployed.

  • Independent Data-In-Transit Encryption that does not break an SDN
  • Provides additional, dynamic security to networking protocol that is controlled by the customer
  • Distributed firewall control with full policy support at the level of each device

Bear reduces the complexity of these SDNs into a manageable interface that eliminates virtual/physical complexities and transforms these SDN efforts into traditional-looking enterprise network deployments.  This approach allows system integrators and solution providers with network engineers to quickly ramp up and start protecting their customers’ cloud network deployments.

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