About Bear

At Bear Systems, our team has been building secure, manageable systems for over a decade. When we saw the problems caused by the Internet of Things, we decided to use our experience in enterprise systems, embedded systems, and the cloud, to create an integrated suite of comprehensive device management products allowing us to work with large edge systems and the people responsible for those systems in order to address their most pressing challenges.

The Bear Philosophy

Bear started out in 2010 with a simple purpose – get security out of the way.  You are not asked to break your emails into tiny little packets, send them over the Internet and reconstruct them on the other side – so why are you asked to protect them?  Security is in the way – it is in your applications, in your networks, XYZ’s responsibility – it just makes no sense.

Along the way we learned a lot (and got 2 patents published with 4 pending) and we realized that the entire concept of system management has been neglected for far too long.  Our goals evolved and we realized that a ubiquitous layer of management – one that enables deep insights and actionable visualization – is critical for long term IT success.  Our philosophy changed from getting security out of the way into a goal of providing an invisible layer of protection and control that frees companies to do what they do best, build functionality, without worrying about the integrity of their physical systems.

It is a lofty goal but we are undaunted, have been through the fires of early startups and we will succeed in evolving management and security in the enterprise space.

To accomplish this goal, we are building an amazing team of expert developers and deep technologists, you can see our team by visiting them here.