Secure Communications Platform

Enabling Protected Flows Of Superior Information

No Time

Nobody has the time it takes to create a robust security solution, nor do people have the patience to manually figure out what different data points mean on different devices.

Big Data will fix that…right?

The reality for most people is that they either take a gamble and go out quickly with an exposed solution or they wait forever to try to find some semblance of protection.

Either choice is a hard pill to swallow.

We Have A Better Way

Bear has spent years solving this exact problem.  We have figured out how to protect everything from a cloud server to an IoT device in a way that will fully protect your systems today and in ten years.  We have worked through the massive issues underlying complex sets of devices and normalized data to make it ready to use in any analytics effort.

We have built a highly-reusable architecture that protects communications, locks down endpoints and enables the flow of rich device data (health, communications, OS) from these devices to the cloud.

Then we went one step further and enabled real-time actions by an analytics engine from the cloud across all of those devices.  Imagine optimizing millions of devices through a machine learning system.  Perhaps the concept of zero downtime maintenance sounds more intriguing.  Maybe the idea of a global transactional system wherein analytics drive the flow of data in real time across thousands of consumer households grabs your attention.

No More Pills

With Bear’s Secure Architecture as a Service, you obtain the best of both worlds – highly secure systems and incredibly fast times to market.  Whether you are looking to expand a current analytics platform into new areas such as mobile or the IoT or you are looking to build a new large-scale solution, we can provide the fundamental architecture and features you require to quickly reach your customers.

Then we will protect your assets, proactively, without getting in the way.

If you are interested in discussing what Bear can do further, please contact us!