Virtual Private Enterprise

Virtual Private Enterprise

When facing a decision on whether or not to move to a cloud, companies are faced with numerous arduous choices.  Private clouds offer the most protection but are incredibly costly to own and maintain.  Public clouds scale very well and are highly cost-efficient yet they are not very secure compared to private clouds.  Hybrid cloud options just make everything more complex and yet most companies are not ready to just throw all of their equipment away.

Bear Differentiator

Bear provides the ability to create a highly-secure private enterprise across physical and public/private cloud environments.  With Bear locking down every device and all communications through its policy-based workflow agent, virtual devices can exist safely even in the most hostile environments. Bear enables integrators and providers to leverage the financial benefits of the public cloud and still enjoy the security of a highly-secure private cloud option.

Bear goes even further and can both protect hybrid cloud deployments and enforce enterprise security in cloud environments.  These features create truly virtual private enterprise options that are agnostic to the actual physical location of the hardware.  Bear also continuously modulates all of its communications protection to make data transmissions, even over the Web, completely resilient to hacking.

These features are provided through familiar interfaces that network and system admins use to run large networks today.  Bear makes the cloud components transparent and allows centralized control over massively-distributed environments.  The network/system admin enablement means that system integrators and solution providers can better lock down customer deployments while saving their customers considerable money.

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