Web Access Firewall

Web Access Firewall

Many large organizations are concerned about the relative insecurity of running cloud applications that are hosted on public clouds.  In essence, these types of cloud applications have innumerable people logging in side-by-side and it appears obvious that breaking into another company, or sniffing log information during transit, is inevitable.

To counter this issue, Web Application Firewalls started to come into the market with the promise to lockdown application access for these cloud applications.  These products work much in the same manner as CASB in that they redirect traffic through their clouds and then filter traffic not coming from a given company’s IP address or not traveling over the correct port.

The problem is that hackers will not send their attempts through a WAF and these firewalls cannot stop all attack vectors – especially in a public cloud application environment.

Bear Differentiator

Bear provides a much-needed alternative by enabling a completely distributed firewall solution that exists on every virtual device.  In this case, the cloud application is locked down before access ever occurs and there is no way in except to go through Bear.  The Bear approach is a highly-secure gateway that avoids bottlenecks and shuts down backdoors.

While highly-distributed, Bear enables centralize control in a setting familiar to many firewall operators running traditional enterprise systems.  Bear handles the distribution and ramping of agents leaving the management in the hands of people who have been running firewalls for years.  This approach allows system integrators and solution providers to quickly launch a superior firewall product in the cloud space leveraging existing resources.

Threat Analytics Engine

Bear, however, goes one step further in enabling complex automation through its end-to-end AI threat engine.  As Bear learns an integrator’s/provider’s responses, those responses can be carried out across all of the system integrator’s or solution provider’s customers.  Imagine highly-complex human-based remediation steps being carried out at the point of attack across all of your customers…instantaneously.

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