Cloud Access and Security Broker (CASB)

Cloud Access and Security Broker (CASB)

CASB  providers force customer data to flow through their systems and then to the customer cloud.   This type of redirection not only incurs more security risk – from CASB insider threats to CASB cloud security/malfunction to poorly protected transmissions – it also produces artificial restrictions on cloud applications.  Most CASB providers tout a limited number of application integrations and charge egregious money for “custom integrations”.

Bear Differentiator

Bear allows system integrators and solution providers to protect customer data out-of-band which means no redirecting, and no need to ever view their customers’ information.  Bear never needs to see a customer’s data in order to protect that information.

  • Protects data without needing to redirect information through a separate cloud
  • Removes application integration concerns from the equation as Bear runs invisibly to all applications
  • Enables continuously adapting device and communication protection that far exceeds anything available on the market
  • Empowers complex security protection without requiring solution providers to have CASB experts
  • Extends LDAP security policies into cloud environments
  • Provides invisible RESTful security
    • Transparently shields SAML, OAUTH, OPENID, XACML, and SCIM
    • Handles long-running sessions
    • Much less overhead than SSL/TLS
      • No certificates
    • Adds device granularity options to user authentication
    • Embeds CASB options inline to the communications calls
  • Creates distributed DLP agents
    • All communications are stateful, regardless of protocol
    • Agent maintains packet buffer to ensure delivery

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