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The term 5G represents one of the most advanced efforts ever attempted in technology. In order to unify all of the currently disparate environments together, and support those efforts at scale, Domain Expertise is critically important. The main challenges facing 5G today can be roughly broken down into the following major Domain Expert categories:

Business: Consumer Privacy; Compliance; Governance
Technology: Zero Touch Provisioning; Robotic Process Automation; Unification; Resiliency
Cybersecurity: Multi-domain; Dynamic; Massive Scale

The SIMPLE Solution

  • SIMPLE 5G enables multiple groups – local governments, ISP providers, and manufacturers to enforce complex rules at the point of a single device
  • SIMPLE 5G provides advanced abilities to secure consumer privacy while eliminating device dependencies
  • SIMPLE 5G provides in-depth workflow engines and high-level control to overcome advanced challenges such as ZTP, Intelligent Trust, and separation of Hardware and Software/Systems
  • SIMPLE 5G unifies all environments and all types of communications into one AI-driven visual management platform
  • SIMPLE 5G leverages a powerful Distributed Deep Learning System and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to enable comprehensive management based on Domain Expert Profiles
  • SIMPLE 5G removes cybersecurity obstacles, deploys without disruption, leverages novel blockchain and quantum-resilient technology, and futureproofs 5G

SIMPLE Financial Transaction Platform

Financial systems used to sit in one highly-secure location with some limited cybersecurity around the outside.? Now financial systems are complex, distributed deployments where boundaries are hard to find and cybersecurity is rapidly failing. Compounding this challenge is a new need for complex exchanges at the edge of these networks – typically referred to as microtransactions.

The SIMPLE Solution

  • Simple Finance enables multiple participants, regulations, and dynamic market values to be enforced, in real time, at the point of every transaction
  • Automation in SIMPLE Finance provides powerful tools to handle billions of transactions through Domain Expert-driven AI and Machine Learning systems
  • SIMPLE Finance provides a much-needed quantum-resilient security platform for everything from SCADA to IoT without interfering with current operations
  • SIMPLE Blockchain provides new levels of protection, Edge computations, and reach without the overhead of traditional efforts

SIMPLE Voting System Platform

Traditional voting systems are obsolete, alienate large populations that require representation, and are often accused of being inaccurate. Modern options fail to solve these issues and, in fact, exacerbate the issues by introducing new cybersecurity threats. Something has to be changed and yet nothing on the market is viable.

The SIMPLE Solution

  • SIMPLE Voting provides a completely protected application that is written to run on compromised devices over hostile networks
  • SIMPLE Voting enables a sophisticated biometric solution that enables people to register at any time and then vote from anywhere
  • SIMPLE Voting leverages a new type of SIMPLE Blockchain that secures a vote at the point of collection throughout transmission, counting, and auditing
  • SIMPLE Voting moves beyond text into multimedia options that enable better candidate presentations and overcome language and socioeconomic barriers

SIMPLE Autonomous Vehicle Platform

The potential of autonomous vehicles is incredible and includes everything from eliminating traffic jams to more effective fighting forces. That stated, this potential faces serious obstacles as current management control systems cannot adjust fast enough, vehicles are not sufficiently self-aware, and almost all options are completely wide open for cyberattacks.

The SIMPLE Solution

  • SIMPLE AV embeds localized intelligence directly into the underlying (CAN Bus) systems to move from remote to autonomous control
  • Policies controlled SIMPLE AV capture behaviors, not values, and enable dynamic learning to move beyond human-centric options
  • SIMPLE AV is based on Peer-to-Peer networks and enables vehicles to communicate securely and rapidly determine optional solutions based on past Domain Expert behaviors.
  • SIMPLE AV closes cybersecurity holes and cleans dirty data without interfering with current operations or forcing new hardware into a system
  • SIMPLE AV scales through fluid Local Systems that stack together to enable multiple levels of control to be implemented for each vehicle
  • SIMPLE AV eliminates slow software patches with real time updating capabilities as ML/AI algorithms become smarter

SIMPLE for Smart World Devices

Everything is smart – our phones, cars, homes, buildings, and cities – everything but the support and security of those systems. Well and how to handle all of that unfiltered data….And how to enable actual management…and, well, there is a lot that is not so smart about our Smart World.

The SIMPLE Solution

  • SIMPLE for the Smart World solves many issues by working from the bottom up and uses Domain Expert Profiles throughout its system.
  • SIMPLE for the Smart World normalizes data at the point of collection leveraging Device Profiles and then autonomously overcomes fixable issues while raising abnormal behavior up the chain using System Profiles.
  • Optimization Profiles handle how everything runs at every level while Security Profiles eliminate cybersecurity issues without interfering with operations.
  • SIMPLE for the Smart World works across all smart devices and environments to unify control, and provides much needed management automation, through an intuitive, ML-driven visual management platform.

SIMPLE Smart Manufacturing Platform

Industrial IoT (IIoT) made a promise years ago that adding a myriad of sensors to everything in sight would magically make OT/mission operations better. Instead, IIoT littered factory floors with insecure devices, overwhelmed customers with unactionable data, and failed to achieve even basic levels of benefit while causing more issues than solutions.

The SIMPLE Solution

  • SIMPLE Manufacturing addresses these issues by embracing customer Domain Expertise to transform, at the source, data into meaningful insights.
  • SIMPLE Manufacturing uses experts to work around vendor-specific data to visualize and empower control of every device, system, and run.
  • SIMPLE works with current equipment – from serial cable controlled legacy equipment to the latest IIoT widget – and incorporates all of that equipment into one visual management platform.
  • SIMPLE Manufacturing provides powerful Manufacturing Run Profiles that can do everything from turning equipment on/off, redirecting communications and sending different instructions, to loading new operating systems or launching different configurations on each device as determined by your experts.
  • SIMPLE Manufacturing moves beyond what to run and further leverages Domain Expertise to enforce proper equipment configuration for safety and energy efficiency

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