Visual Device Management (VDM)

Cloud Control For Largescale Systems

What Is VDM?

While some customers want an architecture as a service solution to enable their great new projects, others really want security that works.  To this end, Bear is leveraging its Secure Architecture as a Service platform to provide a revolutionary new device management and security product we call VDM.

Visual Device Management (VDM) is a highly secure system for controlling the security, configuration, lifespan, and connections for an enterprise without interfering with that enterprise’s applications, systems or networks.  VDM enables visual cloud-centric control over very large systems in an actionable manner.  Leveraging Bear’s Platform, our VDM product can secure and manage devices at scale with no business disruption.

Regain Control Over Your Enterprise

Over the years, purchases across multiple vendors and multiple purchases from the same vendor have created a rats’ nest of devices.  Most customers cannot figure out where a given version of a device resides, the configuration of those devices and what devices are connected together.

Bear’s VDM solution visualizes your devices and enables centralized control over the configuration and connections of these systems.  Because Bear remains invisible to your applications, changes can be made without unintended operational impact.

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Connecting IT To OT

Central OT Administration

Most of the recent advancements in cloud management have focused on Informational Technology (IT) while inadvertently ignoring the Operational Technology (OT) world.  While great strides in features and benefits for enterprise customers are being realized, the OT issues of uptime and safety have fallen behind.  Industrial IoT (IIoT), for example, offers new levels of automation but it also results is massive increases in the numbers of devices and connections – mostly unmanaged – found on factory floors.

Bear’s VDM solution provides health metrics on devices and enables administrators to build custom workflows that mitigate the impact of a faulty device.  In this example, Bear can spin down the faulty device, spin up a backup, re-route the connections to the backup and send a detailed report to maintenance.  All seamlessly and all without impacting operations.

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It Starts With Security

Bear Was Built To Protect

Whether it is cloud-enabling systems or locking down massive internal deployments, most alternative solutions fail due to being in the wrong place all the time.  Many of these solutions attempt to reside in applications which forcing the developer, network admin, business analyst, person X to be responsible for security.  Other times, static solutions are thrown into the digital field like some scarecrow with the hopes it will keep the crows away.

Spoiler alert – it never keeps the crows away – and these systems fail.

Changing security is burdensome, trying to figure out what and how to protect assets is hard and intrusive and counter to the optimized culture of building things as quickly as possible.  Quite often the security guy and the hacker are interchangeable in terms of negative business impact.

Bear puts security in its place – out of sight and out of mind.  Bear can manage security for customers or enable customer admins to control complex operations without the standard massive ramp up efforts.  Better than that, Bear actually provides the ability to change security in these embedded systems at any time, all highly secure, through a cloud application.

With Bear, customers obtain the device control they need to run optimally, stay ahead of OT needs and enjoy the benefits of truly secure operational environments – for both new and legacy systems.

If you are interested in discussing what Bear can do further, please contact us!