Building The Future of Cybersecurity

We are very excited to join the Weapons Pitch Day event on April 29th and to showcase our SIMPLE Security platform.  SIMPLE Security will provide a unified, hypersecure, invisible platform with the intent to lockdown all endpoints, their communications, and enable true U.S. cyberspace dominance. 

We Need You

One of the key differentiators that allowed Bear to make the down selection into the Weapons Pitch Day is our ability to support many stakeholders through our core SIMPLE Security platform.  In fact, the goal of this new effort will be to work with as many end users throughout the DoD as possible in order to build the best cybersecurity platform that fits your needs.  SIMPLE Security is very different in its technology and in its approach and it will be built to support your mission rather than forcing your mission to adjust to some new security measures.

In order to succeed, however, we need you.  We want to work with you and deliver the capabilities that best fit your needs.  We can work with you either through additional Research and Development (R&D) funds that are added into the current contract or through direct O&M deliverables via sole source contracts which are akin to uncapped 8A vehicles.  These latter sole source contracts can have extremely broad scope beyond cybersecurity, as the SIMPLE technology reaches into a large number of use cases, and they support Co-Prime Contractors.

Join Us To Control Your Future

Tyto Athene AT&T Global Infotek

Major Partners

It is within these latter contracts that Bear Systems intends to partner with Tyto Athene, formerly AT&T GSI, to not only build the next generation platform but to further work with a group capable of delivering this solution at scale and over time.  If you are interested in discussing Bear Systems or Tyto Athene capabilities, please let us know using the form below!

Dedicated Teams

From our core group that has been together for over a decade to long time relationships wit the top developers, gaming programmers, and AI/ML experts in the country, Bear Systems has the U.S. groups that are ready to transform our superior technology into your custom solution.

One Deliverable For Max Returns

SIMPLE Security is being built to fit your needs, support your mission, and to enable your people to dominate cyberspace.  To succeed, however, we need you during this next phase.  We want to collaborate with you and have you help guide the future of cybersecurity that we will build for all of our stakeholders.

Contact Us To Learn More!

Bear Systems and our partners can Sole Source Contract with you today using O&M, R&D, or almost any other type of funds.  Our contracting office can streamline this process, provide incentives, and have everything completed in just a couple of weeks!

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