SIMPLE (Secure Integrated ML Platform Leveraging Endpoints) is built to operate invisibly to existing devices, applications, and your users, and invisibly over your existing networks. Why SIMPLE?

The SIMPLE Platform

SIMPLE (Secure Integrated ML Platform Leveraging Expertise) is a new type of Intelligence-as-a-Service platform that is provided through a series of Behavioral Engines, called the SIMPLE Edge. The SIMPLE Edge empowers any level of complex Behaviorally-oriented technical and nontechnical workflows to be implemented through a series of very low-level device controls.

The platform can run over any type of device and communication and in any environment to enable unified control.? That control is driven by Domain Expert actions that can be provided through a number of options captured as Functional Workflows. Functional Workflows contain the knowledge and behaviors of true experts as they perform actions to overcome a given issue, determine how to interpret information, and/or provide insights to optimize performance. Functions wrap deep technical requirements into understandable, logical, constructs that can be elevated for any level of nontechnical interactions.

At the lowest level, individual hardware/software actions are called a Behavior and a collection of Behaviors is called a Profile. These Profiles are wrapped in visual packages that enable non-experts to perform all of those expert actions on any matching, or similar, issue. In this manner, one Domain Expert can drive thousands of operations.

SIMPLE goes further and leverages a Distributed Deep Learning System to pick up where experts left off.? Through powerful automation, these Expert Profiles can resolve thousands of issues at once. Through Active Learning, these actions can be merged and learned from to enable automated solutions to issues that have yet to be overcome by any expert.

Encapsulate and Automate Expert Knowledge

Captures the knowledge of your experts and watch your business come to life.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Driven Management

SIMPLE is the only platform that offers true automated device management from each device throughout your enterprise

Distributed Intelligence

Admins set the boundaries and automation handles all of the work.

Transforming Useless
Data Into
Actionable Insights

Domain Expert Actions are used to interpret data, normalize information at the point of collection and transform senseless data into actionable insights


SIMPLE Security overcomes all of those disruptive, non-unified, uncapable, issues facing other cybersecurity solutions

Quantum Resilient
Communications Protection

SIMPLE Security locks down all endpoints and communications without restricting companies and without getting in the way


SIMPLE Security eliminates the concept of “Zero Day”, removes the threat of malware, and is the only system capable of defending against AI/Quantum-driven attacks.

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