Moving from a manual nightmare to automated invisibility SIMPLE is Better

The SIMPLE Truth

Cybersecurity has become so disjointed, restrictive, and convoluted that there now existing an entire multibillion dollar industry that businesses use just to manage their cybersecurity products.

Complexity is the bane of effective IT and OT operations.

It is not their fault, to be honest, as the entire cybersecurity world lives in an application world that forces them to install applications into operations.  These applications then attempt to peer down into the depths of your devices and systems; stumble around in the dark; and somehow find the bad guys.

A SIMPLE-r path is to start at the core of every device, unify communications, device management, and cybersecurity.

This is the SIMPLE platform – one that works everywhere, is invisible to everything, and a platform that looks up from below potential exploits in order to stop attacks before those attacks can cause damage or spread beyond an initial point of attack.  Instead of manual labor, SIMPLE can automate everything, at the scale of millions of devices, regardless of location.


And it will change the world.

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