Discover how SIMPLE it is to capture and use your domain expertise in ways you never thought possible
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Secure Integrated ML Platform Leveraging Expertise (SIMPLE) is an innovative Intelligence-As-A-Service platform that captures and places the knowledge of your Domain Experts into reusable visual tools that empower non-expert control over complex systems and empower Intelligent Automation.

Leveraging the SIMPLE platform, Bear Systems solves a dynamic range of critical business and technology issues – all in one unified, consolidated manner that is invisible to organizations, users, and applications.

This intuitive visual management tool works across devices, communication methods and environments, to provide a deep level of highly-secure unified control for both technical and nontechnical stakeholders.

The power behind SIMPLE is its unique, patented, ability to combine Domain Expert Profiles, a Distributed Deep Learning System (comprised of AI/ML) and Robotic Automation Tasks (RPA) to handle an extensive array of projects across domains. These capabilities enable SIMPLE to instantly solve issues businesses face today and to proactively overcome challenges in the future.

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