Partnering to Enable Scalable MDR Scalable Security Services Empowering Partners

Unlike other verticals, Cybersecurity as a Service (CaaS) has never been viable due to the manual restriction imposed by modern cybersecurity products.

These products force Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) to face the same reality as their customers – there is not, nor will there ever be, enough cyber experts to manually overcome exponentially growing threats.

Current XDR efforts merely compound the issue by convincing customers things have changed despite the continued reliance on manual intervention.

They have even labeled MSSPs as Managed Detection and Response (MDR) providers. MDR providers, using these products, are even worse off with both no ability to keep up and customers expecting something new and better.

Partnering for MDR

XDR 2.0 Automation to the Rescue

Unlike failed XDR marketing ploys, Bear’s XDR 2.0 platform removes the dependency of manual expert engagements for every threat. In XDR 2.0, experts overcome truly novel threats one time and then the XDR 2.0 platform inoculates all enterprises against that threat. XDR 2.0 goes beyond just that threat, however, and can overcome similar attacks across different types of systems.

All proactively, with no unwanted disruptions, and without bothering the experts.

With XDR 2.0, cyber experts are freed from their current manual nightmare and customers are freed from having to place experts in operations.

Effective MDR

With XDR 2.0, Bear’s partners will be able to protect millions of devices through the actions or a small set of experts. XDR 2.0 leverages that cyber expertise to empower dynamic visual control over these vast systems that enables non-cyber-expert admins to protect their systems without worrying about the details.

This new MDR paradigm will provide the much-needed efficiencies required to support profitable SaaS capabilities required to lower customer cost, stabilize operations, and optimize expert resources.

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