Next Generation XDR 2.0 to Protect Critical Assets XDR 2.0 Security Platform Response and Remediation

The Cyber-industry’s “Next Big Thing”
Is Nothing New

eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) is nothing new.

Large cybersecurity vendors tout comprehensive security, but their applications are for traditional networks and devices, and ignore today’s biggest cybersecurity threats and emerging challenges.

Their “Next Big Thing” is a far cry from comprehensive security, and it fails to address:

  • The significant shortages of cybersecurity experts
  • Security management capabilities for the billions of IoT devices and connected sensors found throughout modern operations
  • Prevention of sophisticated adversarial attacks against businesses, and our Criticial National Infrastructure
  • And the lack of stability for operations – and your bottom line

Current XDR products merely toss existing cybersecurity applications behind a new interface to make yesterday’s fragmented, old and ineffective cybersecurity applications look like something new and innovative.


XDR is nothing new<br />

Bear Systems XDR 2.0 Is Fundamentally Different

Bear Systems has developed an evolutionary new security architecture called SIMPLE  that empowers a deep, dynamic layer of proactive, invisible device and communications security platform. Instead of a static product, Bear’s XDR 2.0 platform is a real-time resilient, futureproof, platform that protects assets in every viable environment.

Threat Detection

XDR 2.0 Threat Detection

XDR 2.0 works far below attack vectors to find and suspend threats at the deepest levels. Threat detection and remediation responses occur in realtime – before systems are compromised.

Threat Detection

XDR 2.0 Stability

Threats no longer disrupt operational stability and are stopped before causing damage – even on the directly attacked device. Imagine that protection anywhere in your organization.

Automation Tools

XDR 2.0 Automation

Powerful automation tools significantly reduce the need for manual intervention while inoculating millions of devices based on automated expert remediation responses.

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