You'll Have Time
Cyber Attack!

Cyber Attack!

Dashboards light up.


First, for one computer, and then quickly across connected devices and throughout systems.

Despite expensive contracts and buying into all the latest and greatest cyber products, hackers are still running rampant.

Executives are enraged that cyber-ops is taking down operations again – but there is no other choice. Shut it down before it is too late.

Today’s Reality

The insidious reality of cybersecurity is that there is no time to do anything more than turn off everything, and then slowly and manually try to recover from a given cyber-attack.

Hackers do not have to actually succeed in stealing or damaging data. Just getting into systems can cause more operational damage than an exploit could do on its own.

Not only are experts under a constant strain in terms of responding fast enough, but they are also under pressure to get systems back online and restore operations as quickly as possible – despite not having the tools to know whether they solved the underlying problem.

There's time

Relax. You’ll Have Time

Bear Systems XDR 2.0 overcomes this core issue by providing cyber operators with what they need the most – time.

XDR 2.0 identifies unknown/suspicious activity at the level of a single thread of activity and then suspends that activity immediately.

If the activity has ever been encountered before, then XDR 2.0 will instantly identify that behavior and either allow it to run, if it is safe, or leverage the expert actions used previously to remediate the threat. This all occurs in real time, prevents damage, eliminates proliferation, and ensures stable operations.

If XDR 2.0 does not recognize the attack, then cyber operations is notified – but the urgency is gone. Instead of worrying about damage and malware spread, experts can take the time to truly discern the issue, figure out the best remediation, and then solve the issue when it makes the most sense for operations.

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