Capturing and Reusing Domain Expertise at Scale SIMPLE Architecture

All large commercial or government organizations rely on expertise to gain efficiency and enhance productivity. Unfortunately, almost all expertise stems from the manual efforts of a small, and typically overworked, group of experts.

Wouldn’t it be great if that expertise could be captured, re-used, and even expanded upon – without requiring all the manual effort?

Welcome to a SIMPLE world.

Secure, Integrated, Machine-learning Platform Leveraging Expertise (SIMPLE) is a multi-patented architecture that can capture an expert’s actions, package those actions into a user-interface, and enable nonexperts to leverage those tools to control complex systems.

SIMPLE is what drives the XDR 2.0 platform, and is the reason why XDR 2.0 eliminates the need for experts in operations.

XDR 2.0 is merely the beginning as SIMPLE provides capabilities far beyond cybersecurity and includes:

    simple workflows
    Real Time Blockchain

    Real Time Blockchain that processes transactions in microseconds with no long-term reconciliation issues

    Unifies Command and Control

    Unifies Command and Control to empower proper operational configurations while empowering cross-vendor automation

    Visual Control and Optimization

    Enables dynamic visual control and optimization automation for the most complex deployments such as 5G and Smart Grids

    Captures business expertise

    Captures business expertise that supports company-centric solutions without reliance on external consultants

    Policy Driven System

    Implements non-technical policies and regulations across deeply technical enterprises

    Deep Learning and AI automation capabilities

    Provides autonomous capabilities and deep learning for the frontiers of technology – be it in Space or a new Home Network

    SIMPLE will change how the world works at a core level with solutions for everything from how businesses operate, to how admins engage with increasingly complex environments. If you are looking for truly evolutionary advancements for your organization, please contact us to learn more.

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