Not Just One Thing

Over the past few months, the world has been introduced to a range of frightening new types of cyber-attacks.  From large-scale attacks taking down the Internet to EU companies being shut down via IoT devices to security cameras being compromised at scale.  Given the fact that Bear could have prevented all of these attacks and, especially, given the reality that Bear would render most Russian hacking attempts obsolete, people has started asking us if we are the solution to their security woes.

The answer is – not even close.

Just look at what has happened in the past week.  Yahoo, yet again, revealed a massive compromise and yet Bear could have done little to stop this attack.  In this case, the source code for how Yahoo secured its tracking information of user computers (i.e. cookies) was literally carried offsite by former employees (not proven, but heavily suggested).  As a result, all “hackers” needed to do was to collect cookies and they got access to Yahoo at an incredible scale and there is nothing Bear could have done to stop it.

Then, just this morning, we find out that millions of dollars of financial data from Ameriprise have been exposed – through the lack of basic security controls.  Sure, in this case, Bear could have possibly helped to secure the communications thus mitigating the risk exposure.  That said, the underlying mindset, the lack of security or even the thought of being protected is something Bear is not equipped to handle.

But other companies live and breathe in this space – yet they do not live in our world.

Platform, Not Solution

Our response to people is that we provide a platform and not a solution.  Sure, we have a REALLY cool platform that makes security invisible to applications, systems, and networks.  Our platform enables adaptive, policy-based enforcement at the scale of millions and billions of devices with virtually no overhead…you have heard this from us before.

The true power, however, is that, our software download that goes into each device (free, BTW, if you want to learn more!) it made is such a way that other security companies can easily join the party, leverage most of our existing features and add in their special sauce.  Take, for example, a Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM – seriously who invents these names?) company.  Not only could they add in a log generation component, but they could actually normalize events across devices and really increase the effectiveness of their anomaly detection in the cloud.  As another example, an edge computing company could leverage both our boot load feature and our trust zone processing to massively increase productivity, drop device impact and dramatically increase security.

We tell people that they are not purchasing a solution from us but the foundation of a new level of security – one that is collaborative, will transparently grow over time and one that will include the best providers all working together to solve the incredibly complex puzzle that is security.

This is how we will solve security and Bear is ready to lead the way.