We Are Important Too

I am a printer, NOT the one from Office Space, but the one you LOVE, the one that produces those crisp, beautiful documents you love to share.  I work and work for you and ask for very little in return – paper on occasion, ink every now and then…don’t you value me at all?

If you do then please tell me WHY AM I SO EXPOSED?!?  You hear the reports about me and my buddies getting exploited – let me tell you that HURTS – and yet you do NOTHING about it…


I get it, I am not in your “traditional” enterprise.  I am not the first place you think of when you think about where your critical data is stored…but I AM where you print your sensitive documents.  If I, like my dear compromised friends, get hacked (again painful) then you are essentially giving away your data…

Isn’t that enough?


Well, how about the fact that after I have been violated, these bad guys can go right through me…<groan>…sorry bad image there…and get into your ENTIRE NETWORK?!?

Isn’t that enough?  Forget that I am your faithful servant, always doing what you want.  Forget that sending data to a hacked printer is just like releasing your data to the world, how about the HUGE GAPING HOLES in your precise enterprise?

Don’t get me started on the whole “but nobody protects you guys” – take a hint from the people that are providing me this space for me to write to you – the protection is there and I NEED IT NOW.