Ransomware Is The New Endgame

We are now seeing the reality of a new wave of hacker activity devoted to shutting down largescale targets for ransom.  A few weeks ago it was a county in North Carolina, this week it is one in California.  While those attacks are bad, they are still just tests as hackers play out various options.

There is a new one, however, that is worse.

MUCH worse.

Now Hackers Can Cause Physical Pain

The Triton malware can actually shut down critical infrastructure and cause the massive disruption people have been predicting when making dire trillion-dollar-plus damage projections about what happens when our country goes dark.

Just as we foretold the onslaught over large ransomware targets, we now see the first clear signs that even more critical attacks are imminent and we are at the mercy of these hacking groups. If you think this attack cannot happen in the U.S., you would be wrong.  Hackers already have compromised our electrical grid.

These attacks are real.

They can cause real-world damage and even kill people.

And there is nothing the current security on the market can do.

We need to stop ignoring the seriousness of this issue and start to fight back now…

While we still have the power to do so.